Zawde Tadesse Teshome

Department of Natural Resource Management, University of Kebri Dehar, Kebri Dehar, Ethiopia


  • Research Article   
    Carbon Stock Potential of Shilabo Shrubs Land among Soil Texture Somali Region, Eastern Ethiopia
    Author(s): Zemenu Tadesse Ayele*, Zawde Tadesse Teshome and Latamo Lameso Lelamo

    Forests, shrubs and grasslands play an imperative role in climate change mitigation and balancing nature by sequestering and retaining carbon above and below the ground in biomass. The study was conducted to determine the total carbon stock potential of shrub lands in Shilabo district, Somalia, Ethiopia, as well as the implications for climate change mitigation. The study was restricted to the carbon stock potential of the shrub land depending on soil texture for three major carbon pools: Above Ground Biomass (AGB), Below Ground Biomass (BGB) and Soil Organic Carbon (SOC). Using generic allometric equations that are readily available, the biomass of each species of tree and shrub was determined. To gather the necessary and pertinent data for the study region at every 390 m between each sample plot and 700 m between each transect line, sample plots of 20 by 20 m were established using .. Read More»

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