Donatien Moukassa

Department of Health Sciences, Marien Ngouabi University, Brazzaville,, Congo


  • Research Article   
    Benzene Monitoring and S-Phenylmercapturic Acid Determination of Workers at Oil Sites in Congo-Brazzaville
    Author(s): Ebenguela Ebatetou Ataboho*, Josue Richard Ntsimba Nsemi and Donatien Moukassa

    The toxicity of benzene is well known, and its leukemia effect established. It is a natural constituent of crude oil and the diseases associated with its exposure are recognized as occupational. Objective: To assess occupational exposure to benzene among workers in an oil and gas production company. Materials and methods: This was a descriptive, cross-sectional study which consisted first of the quantification of atmospheric benzene by individual measurements in a sample of the homogeneous exposure group of the producers. Secondly, urinary assays of S-phenylmercapturic acid were performed at the end of the shift in the selected workers. Results: The study included 79 (47.88%) workers, 17 atmospheric samples were usable and 79 urinary assays at the end of the shift were performed. The average benzene conce.. Read More»

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