Plasma catalytic desulfurization and denitrification simultaneously over FeCo/zeolite


Fang Hu, Guihua Zeng, Huaqin Li, Qihong Ye, Zhirong Xie, Zaishan Wei

Simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification has been investigated using FeCo/zeolite as catalyst. The reaction efficiency of microwave catalytic reduction of SO2and NOxwith ammonium bicarbonate (NH4HCO3) as a reducing agent could be up to 96 and 90.6%, respectively. A microwave reactor with FeCo/zeolite only could also be used to microwave catalytic radical oxidative 91% SO2to sulfate and 84.3% NOxto nitrates. Microwave catalytic desulfurization and dentrification effect on FeCo/zeolite is slightly higher than that of catalytic reduction of SO2and NOxusing ammonium bicarbonate as reducing agent and FeCo/zeolite as catalyst. The mechanism for microwave-induced SO2and NOxreduction can be described as the microwave induced catalytic reaction between SO2, NOx, and ammonium bicarbonate, with SO2, NOx, and ammonium bicarbonate, with FeCo/zeolite being the catalyst and microwave absorbent. Microwave catalytic removal of SO2and NOxover FeCo/zeolite catalyst follows LangmuirHinshelwood (L-H) kinetics.