Hormetic effects of depleted uranium to the biosphere and lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling


SvetlanaS. Zunic, Ljubisa M. Rakic

Although in the composition of the earth's crust, uranium exertsits harmful health, as well asenvironment effects if used both for nuclear weapons systems, or released in nuclear disasters. The thesisonthelocalapplicationofuraniumisunsustainableconsideringitsphysicochemical characteristics. Natural uranium, as well as depleted uranium emits alpha particles. The high ionization potential is liable for alpha particles’ bystander effect in the living tissues, what is the basis of early and delayed health effects of depleted uranium. In the nature, repeated releases of no natural, high amounts of alpha particles, as it has been since 1991, when depleted uranium was used first time for military purposes, may induce empirically unknown consequences and catastrophic phenomena, including atmosphere heating. Some molecular mechanisms that resist radiation harm were discusses as examples of hormesisrelated to the biosphere and lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling