Exploring the scope of participatory ergonomics in the health care industry


Saurabh Rambiharilal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy

Ergonomics is the “science of work” that includes different strategies to ensure fitting the equipment and the workplace environment to the needs of the worker. Ergonomics considers worker’s capabilities and limitations so that their safety, comfort, job satisfaction, and efficiency can be enhanced. In the last decade or so, other than the industrial sector, the principles of ergonomics have been employed in different dimensions of the health care sector. The ergonomists have advocated paying due interest to the needs of all the stakeholders and even agreed for the formulation of a multifaceted and comprehensive approach in the health sector to minimize the burden of the occupational hazards. In conclusion, as proved in the industrial sector, ergonomics has a definite potential to improve the health-related aspects of both the health professionals and the patients in the modern era.